From the Big Apple to the Golden State, it’s simple to find a Simon Shopping Destination.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite™ launches at Simon Shopping Destinations

Simon Shopping Destinations has launched as the home of the augmented reality game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite™, which is now playable across its 200+ properties across the United States.

Your shopping trip to New York

New York City is known across the world for its unrivalled shopping experiences, attracting food, film and fashion fanatics from all over the globe to marvel at the iconic yellow taxis, endless rows of stores and glittering skyline.

Treat yourself to the Californian wine

Californian wine is world-renowned for its amazing quality, offering a huge range of grapes and flavours through its Mediterranean-style weather and sprawling geography.

Top five places to eat in Vegas

One of the best ways to discover Las Vegas is through its delectable cuisine.

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